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Data Analytics for Agriculture and Water Management

Scientific Quality Data

At Agrinosis, our approach to qualifying, benchmarking, and acquiring data is meticulously precise, enabling us to conduct publishable scientific research. Advancements in Ag Intelligence and Smart farming hinge on the very types of data we acquire.

World Class Data Standards

We meticulously benchmark and measure our data against the highest standards set by renowned sources like NASA, NOAA, and other leading US and international remote sensing data providers. By leveraging our cutting-edge Machine Learning algorithms, we accurately identify and assess diverse plant needs and statuses.

Real-Time Insights

What We Do

At Agrinosisi, we’re at the forefront of innovation in harnessing cutting-edge drone technology to revolutionize the industry. Our expertise lies in pioneering the use of multi-spectral imaging for thermal remote sensing, a capability that sets us apart in the field. With this advanced technology, we’re able to map a wide range of environments, from farms and streams to sensitive habitats and industrial sites. Whether it’s aiding in urban construction, road development, or enhancing agricultural practices to increase crop yield, our solutions offer diverse applications and unmatched precision.

The Big Industry Problem.

Despite technological advancements, neither commercial nor experimental drones are currently capable of providing scientifically high-quality imagery over large geographic areas that would capture economies of scale attractive in the market. This challenge arises from several factors.

  • Airspace Constraints: The Federal government has imposed severe restrictions on airspace access, limiting the development of drone platforms capable of covering large areas at higher elevations, such as around 3000 ft AGL (Above Ground Level) as opposed to the standard 400 ft AGL.
  • Limited Market Incentives: There are insufficient market incentives to drive the creation of drone platforms with the capability to cover extensive regions in a single flight at elevated altitudes.
  • Range and Sensor Limitations: Existing drone platforms typically have limited range and sensors that are inadequate for delivering high-resolution imagery of scientific quality when operating at higher flight elevations.

We are actively working to overcome these barriers. Through our close relationship with the FAA, we aim to receive a part designation for our drone platform later this year, which will allow us to address these challenges effectively and provide solutions that meet the needs of scientific applications.

The Agrinosis Solution.

For over 16 years, the scientific team at Agrinosis, Inc. has been at the forefront of research and development in drone technology, sensor payloads, and the utilization of drone-based remote sensing data, particularly in the fields of agriculture and natural resources. Through our expertise and advanced remote sensing technology, validated by successful beta testing with our partners at Gallo Winery, we have demonstrated our ability to:

  • Acquire high-resolution, scientifically rigorous imagery covering expansive agricultural areas, such as 10,000 acres or more, in a single flight.
  • Perform radiometric calibration and seamless stitching of imagery obtained from these flights, producing orthorectified mosaics of exceptional scientific and geolocational accuracy.
  • Process these orthomosaics into actionable insights of significant value to growers, facilitating informed decision-making and optimized agricultural practices.

In short, our cutting-edge algorithms empower us not just to compete, but to revolutionize and lead in the provision of scientific information to growers. Leveraging the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence, we employ a rigorous analytical approach that transforms spectral sensor inputs into highly predictable information outputs. This distinctive capability sets us apart as pioneers in the realm of agriculture and remote sensing.

Endless Opportunity to Impact the World of Agriculture

This groundbreaking innovation holds immense potential to revolutionize the world as we know it. By harnessing real-time drone data across vast expanses of land, spanning thousands of acres, we stand poised to significantly enhance commercial agricultural management worldwide, thereby bolstering food production and safeguarding precious water resources.

In subsequent phases, Agrinosis will leverage this powerful platform to delve into further research, employing machine learning to identify various other critical crop intelligence points such as fungi, pests, soil moisture, and invasive species.

Presently, Agrinosis is privileged to beta test with our partner E&J Gallo, who has provided invaluable insights into their specific information needs and existing investments in remote sensing services. The success of this project promises to yield information products of unparalleled quality and affordability, surpassing current offerings available to Gallo and other growers. This marks the initial stride towards a global paradigm shift aimed at maximizing crop yields on a commercial scale, transcending geographical constraints.

Truly, the impact of this endeavor has the potential to reshape our world in profound ways.

Meet The Team

David Singer: President/CEO

As Chief Executive Officer of Agrinosis, Mr. David Singer brings over five decades of experience working and management experience with both national and international companies developing business relationships and expanding new and existing business opportunities. He also brings a wealth of proven experience working in, and with, public companies as he served as the Chairman, CEO and President of an American Stock Exchange company, as well as served in various positions in other publicly companies for over 20 years. Mr. Singer’s experience includes, but is not limited to, construction management serving as construction manager for projects for the University of Michigan, General Motors, Ford and Ford Land Development, Chrysler Corporation, Michigan Bell, Detroit Edison. Singer, served as the tenant development manager for the Renaissance Center development in Detroit. As CEO and Chairman of an American Stock Exchange company, which provided wireless data collection systems for Wendys, McDonalds, Taco Bell, Williams Companies (SCADA control for pipelines), Puget Energy, Consolidate Energy, (wireless meter reading). Disney, wireless tracking systems for certain attractions at Walt Disney World, NASCAR, wireless data collection systems for on-board monitoring, Matsushita Electric Industrial Co, Panasonic, held join patents for the wireless technology in the Giga Range cordless telephone.

Stephen Goodman: CFO

As Chief Financial Officer of Agrinosis, Mr. Goodman has spent the last 35 years as a financial executive in the private sector and military officer. He has served in multiple capacities in the financial services industry, as an Investment Banker, to the Chief Financial Officer and Legal Officer of two publicly traded companies. Mr. Goodman has extensive experience in regulatory filings, working with government agencies, and shareholder communications. He also has in-depth experience with legal filings and knowledge of the law, and how these relate to financial oversight.

Mr. Goodman holds an investment banking license from FINRA. He holds a BS from the University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School, an MBA in Finance from New York University, and a JD from William Howard Taft University.

Dr. Mark Banash: COO

As Chief Operating Officer of Agrinosis, Dr. Banash has had an impressive 25-year series of successes in private sector research, manufacturing, and product development and possesses broad experience in advanced materials and devices with an emphasis on technical, operational, and regulatory management experience. Mark is considered a leading authority in both nanomaterials and nanotechnology applied to manufacturing and industrial scale applications across a broad range of industries such as aerospace, renewable energy, and chemicals.

Dr. Banash holds various patents and IP. He holds a BA in Chemistry from the University of Pennsylvania, an MBA from the University of Maryland and obtained a PhD in Chemistry from Princeton University.\

Dr. Calvin Coopmans: CTO

As Chief Technical Officer of Agrinosis, Dr. Coopmans has spent the past 20 years as Research Professor at Utah State University, and research director for multiple private entities, where he researches drone and robot applications for real-world science. He has deep experience

in aerospace hardware and software, and networking technologies, as well as sensors, control, and autonomous systems. He is the Director of Aggie Air Research Laboratory, an interdisciplinary aerial research group focused on unmanned aerial remote sensing. Dr. Coopmans is one of the world’s leading researchers in unmanned vehicles and holds a BS in Computer Engineering from Montana State University, an MS and PhD in Electrical Engineering from Utah State University.

Dr. Alfonso F. Torres: CSO

As Chief Scientific Officer of Agrinosis, Dr. Torres is an Associate Professor at Utah State University, where he also focuses on research and teaching water management and spatial perspectives. Dr. Torres has extensive knowledge and experience in remote sensing technology applications, coupled with solutions for natural, urban, and agricultural environments. His data-driven, and hybrid solutions are applied to solutions for solving problems associated with weather and climate, crops and soil human management variability and interactions.

Dr. Torres holds a BS in Agricultural Engineering from LaMolina National University, an MS in Biological and Irrigation Engineering, and PhD in Philosophy in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Utah State University.

Arthur Allison: Director

As a Director of Agrinosis, Mr. Allison has had a distinguished career as a tribal leader and member of the over 17-million-acre Navajo Nation, in the four corners region of the United States. Mr. Allison has provided leadership in private and tribal business, along with economic development strategies. Mr. Allison was appointed as Cabinet Secretary for the New Mexico Department of Indian Affairs. In the last 30 years, throughout the Navajo Nation, Mr. Allison has also owned and operated numerous businesses within the Navajo region; Five-Star Security, Chief Armored Cars, along with companies specializing in agricultural development. During his tenure within the Navajo Nation, Mr. Allison worked for the Navajo Agricultural Products Industry, as Planning Director, and acting General Manager. Prior to this, Mr. Allison worked for Ball Corporation in strategic planning and development.

Mr. Allison holds a BA in Economics from Brigham Young University.

Jordan Greene: Director

As a Director of Agrinosis, Mr. Greene is an accomplished finance and law professional, having served as a partner in numerous venture firms; Technium, University Growth Fund, Alta Global Ventures, and Private Capital Group. Mr. Greene was initially President of Agrinosis, prior to becoming a JAG Officer in the US Military. He has extensive experience in contract negotiation, equity negotiation, market analysis, product and business development, and IP review and analysis. Mr. Greene has in-depth knowledge of SEC requirements, and M&A negotiations. He excels in many aspects of business management and strategic planning.

Mr. Greene holds a Juris Doctor in International Trade Law, with an emphasis in corporate law, and mergers and acquisitions from the University of Utah, a Masters of International Affairs and Global Enterprises from the University of Utah, and a BA in Political Science from Utah Valley University.

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